Owning a Specialized ebike allows you to set up a connection between komoot and the Specialized Mission Control app. As soon as you have your komoot account connected with your Specialized account, you can upload the Tours you completed with your Specialized eBike to your komoot account.

Opmerking: Komoot wordt momenteel niet ondersteund in de nieuwe Specialized App.

Setting up the connection

Open the Specialized Mission Control app and log in to your account. Then go to settings and choose “connected Accounts”. There you choose komoot and “log in”. You will then be prompted to the komoot website opening on the browser of your phone where you have to log in with your komoot account and confirm the access. In the Specialized Mission Control app you can then decide if you want your completed Tour to be uploaded automatically to komoot. Be aware that this is a one way connection. You can upload your completed Tours from the Specialized Mission Control app to your komoot account, but you cannot navigate planned komoot Tours with the app.

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