If you own a Bryton Rider 320, Rider 420, Rider 750, Rider S500 or Rider S800, you have the option to connect Bryton account with your komoot account. By doing so you will be able to navigate your komoot Tours on your Bryton device and sync completed Tours from the device back to komoot.

Note: Tours can only be transferred to Bryton if the region in which the Tour starts is unlocked in komoot. 

How to set up the connection

Before setting up the connection, you need a komoot as well as a Bryton account. Download the Bryton Active app to your smartphone and connect it to your Bryton Rider. To do so the Bluetooth connection needs to be active. Follow this steps to set up the connection:

  1. Log in to your Bryton Active app
  2. Go to Course (the circled plus symbol)
  3. Tap on "My Route" and click on the plus-icon on the button right corner
  4. Choose "3rd party account link"
  5. Tap on "komoot"
  6. To enable the connection, activate the komoot switch
  7. You’ll be directed to the komoot website where you need to enter your komoot account credentials and login to your account
  8. Allow Bryton access to your komoot account by clicking Grant Access

Now the connection is established.

Attention: To ensure you are establishing the connection to the same komoot account, that you are using on the phone, please compare the used email address in your komoot profile settings in the app: Profile > Settings () > Profile Information.  

Transferring Tours between komoot and Bryton

After setting up the connection, all your planned komoot Tours will be available in the Bryton Active app under Course (the circled plus symbol) > "My Route". Once your device is connected to WiFi the Tours will automatically be transferred with the next synchronization.

All on the device completed Tours, that were created after connecting your accounts, will be transferred back to komoot automatically, as soon as an internet connection is established.

Navigating komoot Tours on Bryton

  1. Head to the Bryton Active app
  2. Tap on Course (the circled plus symbol)
  3. Choose "My Route" and select the Tour you want to navigate
  4. Click on the three dots next to the Tour name
  5. Hit Download to device as "Route" and follow the instructions on your device

After completing a navigation, your Tour will automatically sync to your Bryton profile and from there to your komoot profile. 

Note: The navigation instructions on the device are by Bryton.

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