Activities from Apple Health – including walks and rides recorded on your Apple Watch – can be uploaded to your komoot profile, even when you're not using the komoot app for Apple Watch. Likewise, activities you log in komoot can be automatically synced to Apple Health. This ensures that all your outdoor activities are consolidated, making it easier to track your fitness progress and outdoor adventures in one place. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to enable this synchronization, helping you to maintain a comprehensive record of your activities.

Note: Linking to Apple Health is exclusively possible through the komoot app on iOS devices. This connection cannot be established via the Android version of the komoot app neither via komoot website.

Syncing from Apple Health to komoot

Tours recorded on an Apple Watch, also without the use of the komoot app, can be imported into your komoot profile via Apple Health. Follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Open the komoot app on your iOS device.
  2. Go to Profile () > settings ().
  3. Select Apple Health from the connection section. 
  4. Enable the toggle Add Apple Health Activity.
  5. The Apple Health permissions screen will be displayed, allowing you to manage which types of information komoot can access from Apple Health. For the data sync to work, at least “Workouts” and “Workout Routes” must be enabled.

Now, your Apple Health activity history will be added to the komoot profile and can be found in the completed Tours section. The uploaded activities will only be visible to you unless the privacy setting on each Tour is changed.

Tip: For the import process to happen, the komoot app needs to be open and online. Should the app be closed, it will automatically resume the import process the next time it is launched and online.

Whenever a new activity is logged on your Apple Watch, you will receive a notification indicating that your Tour has been successfully imported in your komoot profile. The privacy of new Tours will reflect your default privacy setting for Planned and completed Tours.

If you recorded your Tour using both the Apple Watch's native activity app and the komoot app on the Apple Watch simultaneously, then will be two separate recordings on your komoot profile. Recorded data like calories and heart rate will only be visible in the Apple workout but not in komoot.

Tours that are not transferred

Activities already present on your komoot profile will not be duplicated. For instance, an activity from Garmin that is already uploaded to your profile will not be re-imported. Similarly, indoor activities or workouts without route geometry, such as treadmill runs, will not be synchronized with your profile.

Syncing from komoot to Apple Health

To export Tours recorded on komoot to Apple Health, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the komoot app on your iOS device.
  2. Go to Profile () > settings ().
  3. Select Apple Health from the connection section. 
  4. Enable the toggle Send komoot Tours.
  5. The Apple Health permissions screen will appear, offering you control over the types of information komoot is authorized to write to Apple Health. To ensure data syncing functions correctly, Workouts” must be enabled. You will have the option to select whether to sync walking/running routes, cycling routes, or both.

Tip: Should you encounter issues with komoot activities not syncing with Apple Health, please verify that the permissions are correctly configured. To do this, navigate to your iPhone/iPad Settings > “Health” > “Data Access & Devices” > “Komoot” and ensure that the required permissions have been granted.

Note: The toggles to read or write data from Apple Health will automatically turn off upon logging out from your komoot account in the iOS app. This is to prevent your Apple Health settings from unintentionally being applied to a second account.

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