Embracing the great outdoors has immense benefits for both your mind and body. With summer on the horizon, there's no better time to cultivate your adventure habit. Our adventure streaks feature does just that by tracking how many consecutive weeks you've been active on komoot for at least 15 minutes. Designed to inspire and encourage regular exploration, simply engaging in a minimum of 15 minutes of adventure each week keeps your streak alive.  

Where can I see my current adventure streak?

In your profile you can view your achievements and track your progress. It's a personal achievement, visible only to you, ensuring your focus remains on personal growth and enjoyment.

  1. Click on your username in the top right corner.

  2. Access your achievements by clicking on the streak progress on the left side.

  3. This will take you to your streak overview.

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  1. Click on Profile ()

  2. Access your achievements by clicking on the streak progress on the left side.
  3. This will take you to your streak overview.

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Eligible activities for maintaining your streak

Wondering which adventures count towards your streak? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Tours, both private and public
  • Tours you got tagged in
  • Uploads, from your external device or GPX files

Every recorded Tour lasting more than 15 minutes is eligible, irrespective of the type of sport. 

Tours completed over the course of the week can be aggregated to meet the 15-minute threshold. For instance, a 10-minute hike on Monday followed by a 10-minute bike ride on Wednesday collectively secures a streak. Thus, to keep your streak going, you need to rack up at least 15 minutes of activity each week, no matter if it's all in one Tour or multiple Tours. 

Why 15 minutes?

When building the habit of going on outdoor adventures, time and distance aren’t so important. What matters is putting those shoes on and getting out the door.

What happens if I record more than one Tour?

There’s no upper limit, the more adventure the better. To keep your streak going, simply record at least 15 minutes of activity in total over the week.

What day does the adventure streak start?

The adventure streak doesn't begin on a specific start date but instead incorporates all existing Tours from your account history. This means if you've consistently recorded eligible activities over several weeks, those pre-existing Tours will be counted towards your streak. Therefore, with the introduction of this feature, a streak that has been ongoing for many weeks might be displayed. The streak week runs from 00:00 on Monday to 23:59 on Sunday, based on your device's local time.

What if I break my adventure streak?

If you miss a week, you'll start over. This is a great chance to beat your last record!

What if I miss a week and then upload my Tour?

Komoot recalculates your adventure streak with each activity upload (e.g. through GPX file upload). This could restore your streak thanks to a late upload.

What if I remove a Tour from my profile?

Removing a Tour will prompt a recalculation of your streak. If you no longer have an eligible activity for that week, you will lose your streak.

Does a Tour in which I’m tagged also count for the adventure streak?

Yes, the 15-minute rule applies to these Tours as well.

What if the other user removes me from their Tour?

If another user removes you from their Tour, it will affect your adventure streak, as the removed Tour will also be deleted from your profile. Following this, your streak will undergo a recalculation. If you have no other Tours longer than 15 minutes recorded in this week, your streak will come to an end.

I don’t want to see adventure streak on my profile, can I remove it?

At the moment, the option to hide the adventure streak from your profile is not available.

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