This message indicates that the downloaded Tour is damaged and won’t start. It might not have saved right or could have been deleted from your device already.

“This Tour is corrupted, navigation couldn’t be started successfully. Download it again to continue.”

What to do next

  • Switch to komoot navigation (if supported)
    Since this error occurs only when using Garmin navigation, you can switch to komoot navigation if your device supports it. Find out which devices are compatible with komoot navigation.
  • Check the title of your Tour
    In case it has wrong characters in the name (or, for example, an emoji icon) or the name is too long, adjust the title and try again. 
  • Delete the corrupted Tour
    Remove the corrupted Tour from your device:
    • Within the komoot app for Garmin, locate the Tour and deselect the "Offline" toggle.
    • Alternatively you can access the Tours via a computer, navigate to the Garmin/Courses folder and delete the specific downloaded course. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to delete komoot Tours from a Garmin device.
  • Re-download the Tour
    Once the corrupted Tour has been successfully removed, proceed to download the Tour again. Select the desired Tour and click the offline toggle. Ensure a stable internet connection during this process to avoid any errors in the download.
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