This message shows up if you attempt to transfer a komoot Tour to a Garmin device using the komoot app for Garmin or via the "Send to device" feature, but the Tour is too large. In this scenario, you cannot use the Garmin navigation. Currently, the size limit is 256 kB for watches, 1024 kB for Edge devices, and about 740 kB for Oregon and GPSmap devices.

“The Tour is too long for this device. Split this Tour into stages and try again.”

What to do next

  • Switch to komoot navigation (if supported)
    Since this error occurs only when using Garmin navigation, you can switch to komoot navigation if your device supports it. Find out which devices are compatible with komoot navigation.
  • Split the Tour on komoot into multiple smaller Tours and sync those to your device.
    There is no way to automatically split an already planned Tour into individual stages, but we can offer you a workaround: Click on the Tour details page on Replan this Tour (or in the app Plan similar Tour) to create a copy of the Tour. In this copy, you can shorten the Tour in a way that you will only keep the first part of the trip. Then you copy the original Tour again and save only the next part of the Tour and so on. This way you can split the Tour without losing the original planning of the whole Tour.
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