Komoot Premium users can benefit from an enhanced navigation experience by utilizing Komoot maps on their Garmin devices. Compared to Tour lines, Komoot maps offer a more intuitive and comprehensive navigation experience. The detailed maps enable users to improve their orientation and explore additional details such as rivers, roads, and trails. Moreover, upcoming turns are indicated by white arrows, and you have the option to enable Turn prompts and sound/ vibration to ensure you don't miss any turns.

Upgrade to komoot Premium to unlock this powerful navigation enhancement.

Compatible devices

Apart from low memory watches, all Garmin devices that already support the komoot app for Garmin from version 4.3.5 (also known as the komoot CiQ app) will support the komoot maps. Find an overview of compatible devices here

Attention: Low memory watches like the Fenix 5/5s, Fenix 6/6s (non-pro edition), Fenix Chronos, Forerunner 245 (non-music), Forerunner 645, Enduro (first generation), Descent G1 and Instinct 2 series currently don’t support the komoot maps on Garmin. 

How to use the Komoot map on Garmin?

To use komoot maps on Garmin, it is essential to have the komoot app for Garmin installed on your Garmin device. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you can learn how to do so in the Garmin Support Center. When you use the Komoot app for Garmin for the first time, you will be prompted to choose between using komoot or Garmin navigation, depending on whether your device supports both navigation methods. Select "Komoot map" from the options. This choice will also be saved for your future Tours. If you want to modify a default setting, here's how you can do it:

Change default navigation mode

  1. Open the komoot app on your Garmin device.
  2. Scroll down to access Settings and then open them.
  3. Choose Navigation mode.
  4. Choose Komoot maps if you want your selection to be saved as your new default navigation. 

Navigating and recording in offline mode


To use the komoot maps on Garmin without an internet connection, you must first download the Tour data to your device. This requires a stable internet connection. 

When you open the specific Tour in the komoot app on your Garmin, the offline button will show if the Tour is already downloaded or the progress of the download in percentage. Even if the Tour is not 100% downloaded, you can start the Tour using the Start button. The download will continue in the background as long as your Garmin device remains connected to your phone's internet via Bluetooth, ensuring the complete download of the Tour data.

Tip: Approximately a 100-meter strip along the tour line is downloaded and cached in your device's storage. If you deviate from the planned Tour beyond the 100-meter strip and don't have an internet connection, you'll see a black background on your device. However, if your Garmin is connected to your phone, the map data will automatically download as you move.


Recording Tours (without navigation) using komoot maps on Garmin is currently only possible online. To ensure your device is online, connect your smartphone to the Garmin device and ensure your phone's mobile data is turned on. It is not possible to download a specific region.

Turn-by-Turn navigation

You will always find the white arrows on the map indicating the next turn. Moreover, you have the option to display upcoming turns with announcements indicating both their distance and street name. Additionally, you can customize your preferences to receive turn notifications through sound and watches also have the ability to vibrate.

Turn prompts 

'Turn prompts' refers to the display of distance and street names leading to the next turn. It’s turned on by default but you can change it in the app settings: 

  1. Open the komoot app on your Garmin device.
  2. Scroll down to access Settings and then open them.
  3. Choose Turn prompts.
  4. Click on Turned off to disable the display of distance and street names.

EN_komoot_map_on_Garmin_turn_promot (2).jpg


If you decide to activate sound notifications, your device will emit a beep or a distinct sound alerting you that it's time to make a turn. The specific sound notification you receive will depend on your device's capabilities and cannot be customized by komoot. You can change your preference for receiving a sound notification through the following steps in the app settings:

  1. Open the komoot app on your Garmin device.
  2. Scroll down to access Settings and then open them.
  3. Choose Sounds.
  4. Click on Turned off to disable the beep tone.

Tip: If the beep sound doesn't work after activation, please refer to the user manual to verify your device's sound functionality and whether it is enabled in the device settings.


Vibration alerts for turn notifications are exclusive to watches, not cycling computers. To disable these vibrations on a Garmin watch, you need to adjust the settings in the Garmin system, not in the komoot app for Garmin. For instructions on how to toggle the vibration on or off on your watch, please consult the user manual.


Within the komoot map you have the option to zoom in and out and move the map to explore your surroundings in more detail.

Touchscreen devices

Depending on the device select either 'Menu' () or the 'Map drag' icon () to enter zoom mode. 


For Vivoactive, Venu, Approach, and D2 Air models, simply long-press the back button. On Fenix and Forerunner models, long-press the menu button to enter zoom mode.

Non-touchscreen/ button devices

To activate the zoom function, long-press the menu/action button (top right button on your device). This will switch the app into zoom mode, allowing you to use the buttons to zoom in or out. To exit zoom mode, simply press the back button.

EN_komoot_map_on_Garmin_data_field (4).jpg

Attention: If you have assigned a custom action to the menu/action button (like starting music), you will not be able to use the long press functionality on this button.

Customize data fields

You have the option to customize the two data fields visible on the map page, allowing you to display information that is most relevant to you. You can choose between the following fields: 

  • Ascent
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Average Pace
  • Average Power
  • Average Speed
  • Battery
  • Cadence
  • Current Altitude
  • Current Pace
  • Current Power
  • Current Speed
  • Descent
  • Heart Rate
  • Max Heart Rate
  • Max Speed
  • Remaining Ascent
  • Remaining Distance
  • Remaining Time
  • Time
  • Total Time
  • Training Effect
  • Traveled

Note: The availability and variation of customized data fields may differ depending on the selected sport and the specific Garmin device you are using. For instance, certain fields, such as Current Power, Average Power, Training Effect and Cadence are not accessible on devices like the Garmin Venu Vivoactive.

Touchscreen devices

To switch to a different data field, just tap on it, and another field will appear.

EN_komoot_map_on_Garmin_data_field (2).jpg

Non-touchscreen/ button devices

Press the top right button once; this will highlight the first field. You can then press the same button again to alter the field, or use the up/down buttons to navigate between different fields. To exit edit mode, press the back button at the bottom right.

How to change the map appearance (Dark mode/ light theme)?

To maximize battery efficiency and ensure better readability, watches are set to a dark mode by default, whereas other devices come with a light theme as their standard setting. If you wish to modify the appearance of your Komoot maps, follow these steps:

  1. Open the komoot app on your Garmin device.
  2. Scroll down to access Settings and then open them.
  3. Choose Map colors.
  4. Click on Dark or Light depending on the desired appearance.

Your selection will be saved as your new default.

Note: The dark mode option is only available by using the komoot navigation. In case you want to use Garmin navigation, please refer to the user manual to find out if this is available for your device. 

What are the dotted lines?

If you move away from your planned route, a dotted line will appear, guiding you back to your planned route via the most direct path. However, if you go off the route, the Tour will not be automatically replanned.

Can I still use the komoot navigation without map?

Yes, absolutely! You can still use the komoot navigation without a detailed map. When using the komoot app for Garmin, you'll have access to the Tour line displayed on a dark background. If your device allows, you can also use the native Garmin maps. 

To transfer komoot Tours to your Garmin device, it's essential to unlock the Region where your Tour begins. Access to the komoot map on Garmin requires a Premium subscription.

Is it possible to exclusively utilize Komoot maps without accessing any additional premium features?

No, it is not possible to exclusively use Komoot maps without also accessing additional Premium features. Komoot offers a unified Premium subscription that encompasses all the Premium features, including sport specific maps, live tracking, 3D maps and other advanced functionalities. We believe in providing a comprehensive and seamless experience to all our users, and thus, the Premium subscription unlocks the full suite of features for a more enriched adventure.

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