Shared experiences are the best. Join a group Tour and stay on track with real-time route updates from the group organizer. The person who initiated/ created the Tour and invites participants is automatically the group organizer. Participants receive either a notification about the Tour invitation via email or within the komoot app or can join by scanning the Tour-QR-Code or via an invite link


To receive Tour invites and updates from the organizer, the following requirements must be met:

  • Make sure that komoot notifications are enabled in the phone settings.
  • Someone invites or tags you on a Tour must be enabled at least for the in-app notifications. Learn here how to manage your notification settings. 
  • You must be connected to the internet via either WiFi or mobile data.

Tip: Learn more how to create a group Tour here

Join via email or in app notification

Depending on your komoot notifications setting, you can receive invites to a group Tour via email and/ or in app notifications. Learn here how to manage your notification settings. 

  1. Open the invite notification on the phone or the email.
  2. Within the invite, click Accept.

Once you accept the invitation, the Tour will be saved in your komoot profile under Profile () > Planned.  It's possible that the Tour may not appear in the first position, as planned Tours are arranged based on date and the group Tour will reflect the organizer creation date. By accepting the Tour, you will also automatically receive all Tour updates.

Join via QR code

If you have the QR code for a Tour, you can simply scan it to participate in the Tour.  Follow this steps to join:

  1. Point your smartphone camera at the QR code. Make sure the entire QR code is visible within the camera frame.
  2. The camera app automatically recognizes the QR code and displays the website of Tap on it to continue.
  3. This opens the Tour in the komoot app, where you can Accept it.

You will then be notified about any changes made by the organizer via in-app notifications. 

If you don’t yet have the komoot app installed on your phone, the Tour will open in the mobile browser. Download the komoot app to navigate the group Tour.

Attention: If you join a Tour using a QR code but later decline it, the Tour won't be saved in your list of planned Tours. To retrieve it after rejection, you'll have to rescan the QR code, be added as a participant by the organizer or by using the Tour invitation link. You can then find it under the bell symbol.

Join via an invite link

If someone shares a link to a komoot Tour with you, whether through social media, a WhatsApp message, or in an email, you can easily join the ride with this link.

  1. Open the link.
  2. Accept the Tour by hitting “Yes, I’m in!”.
  3. The Tour is saved in your profile and you can also access it via the app.
  1. Open the link.
  2. The Tour will open in the browser version of your phone.
  3. Choose to open the komoot App.
  4. You will find the Tour within the app, where you simply need to click on Accept.

Once you accept the invitation to the Tour, you will be notified about any changes made by the organizer via in-app notifications. 

How to accept a route update?

Once the organizer has saved a Tour update, you will be informed via an in-app notification. You will see a prompt within the app, offering the choice to either update the Tour or decline the update. If you don't make a selection, the Tour update will be automatically accepted and adjusted to the organizer's Tour after a few seconds. In case you decide to decline the Tour update, your route will stick to the original one.  

I rejected a Tour, how can I rejoin? 

If you've joined the Tour through a Tour invitation received via email, within the komoot app, or through an invite link, you can locate the invitation under Notifications (). Navigate in the komoot app on your phone to Profile () > Notifications (). However, if you joined the Tour using a QR code, please note that the Tour won't appear under Notifications (). In such cases, you'll need to either rescan the QR code or be added as a participant by the organizer or through any other invite method.

I’m not joining a ride but still receive notifications, how can I stop that?

You receive the notifications since you initially accepted the Tour. If you no longer wish to participate, open the Tour via your Profile () > Planned Tours and decline the Tour from there.

Do I need a komoot account to join a group Tour?

To be able to navigate and receive Tour updates from a group Tour you need a komoot account. However, it’s possible to view a Tour you've been invited to via an invitation link without having an account.

Do participants have access to the current location of the organizer?

No, participants cannot view the organizer's current location within the navigation interface. Each participant will independently record their own Tour and only see their own location.

Komoot Premium: The organizer can share their location separately through Live Tracking.

How do I know when a group ride starts?

You will receive a notification when the group organizer starts the Tour. If no start date and time were provided in the comment section, leave a comment for the organizer using the @mention function to request this information.

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