You can use komoot tours on your Amazfit watch by setting up a connection between your komoot account and the Amazfit account. This allows you to transfer routes from komoot to the Amazfit "Zepp" app and to use them to navigate on your smartwatch. Once you’ve finished the tour, it will be saved and uploaded to your komoot profile. The following devices are supported:

  • T-Rex 2
  • T-Rex Ultra
  • Falcon
  • GTS 4
  • GTR 4
  • GTR 4 Limited Edition
  • Cheetah Pro
  • Cheetah S
  • Cheetah R
  • Amazfit Balance

Note: Since the GTS Mini models lack functions for route import and navigation, komoot routes cannot be transferred to them.

Note: Tours can only be transferred to Amazfit if the region, in which the Tour starts, is unlocked in komoot. 

How to set up the connection

To connect your Amazfit with your komoot account, you need to download the Amazfit "Zepp" app either in the Play Store or App Store and log into your Amazfit account. 

  1. In the "Zepp" app open "Profile".
  2. Select "Add accounts".
  3. Select "Komoot".
  4. You’ll be redirected to the komoot website where you need to enter your komoot account credentials and login to your account.
  5. Allow Amazfit access to your komoot account by clicking Grant Access.

Attention: To ensure you are establishing the connection to the same komoot account, that you are using on the phone, please compare the used email address in your komoot profile settings in the app: Profile > Settings () > Profile Information.  

Transferring Tours between komoot and Amazfit

  1. Within the "Zepp" app select "Import roads".
  2. Choose the tour you want to import and click "Save".
  3. Click on the three-dot-symbol in the top right and choose "Send to device".
  4. On the Amazfit watch click on "Navigation"
  5. Choose "My route" > select the Tour you want to navigate > "Use route".
  6. Select and start the komoot tour in an activity such as "Outdoor running".

After completing a navigation, your Tour will automatically sync to your Amazfit profile and from there to your komoot profile. 

Note: The navigation instructions are done by Amazfit.

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