This article lists all partner devices that facilitate the seamless integration of your komoot Tours with a range of products, including bike computers, e-bike displays, smartwatches, and wearables. The table below outlines which connection type is available for each device partner. By selecting the relevant partner, you will be guided to an associated article containing information about supported devices and step-by-step instructions for establishing the connection.

Tip: If your device manufacturer's name is not included in the list below, but your device supports the import of GPX files, you also have the option to perform a manual transfer. Find out how to do this here

Device partners Connection type
Apple Watch Bluetooth
Bosch eBikes, COBI Profile connect
Bryton Rider Profile connect
Ciclo Bluetooth
COROS Profile connect
Cyclo Mio Profile connect
Flyer eBike Bluetooth

Send to device &

Profile connect

Hammerhead Profile connect
Huawei Profile connect
Lezyne Profile connect

Profile connect &


Polar Profile connect

Profile connect &



Profile connect &


Specialized eBike Profile connect

Profile connect &


TwoNav Profile connect
Wahoo ELEMNT Profile connect
Wear OS watches Bluetooth
Yamaha eBike Bluetooth

What is "Profile connect"?

The "Profile connect" connection creates a link between your komoot account and the account of a device partner. When devices utilize Profile Connect, they gain the capability to access navigation functionalities independently of komoot. That means that the device can operate independently as a "Standalone" device, without being connected to a phone.

What is a Bluetooth connection?

When utilizing the Bluetooth connection, the device only mirrors the navigation instructions from the komoot app on your phone. This setup requires the phone to maintain a constant connection, as it provides the necessary GPS signal. This connectivity method is employed for devices like Apple Watches or Wear OS devices.

Bluetooth vs. Profile connect

The type of connection depends in most case on the way the device manufacturer set it up. Some device manufacturer only use the Bluetooth connection, others only the Profile connect connection and other device manufacturer offer for some devices a Bluetooth connection and for other devices the profile connect connection.

What is the “Send to device” feature?

The "Send to device" feature introduces a new approach for transferring Tours to your device. Unlike the conventional method of using Bluetooth and Profile connect, which necessitates pre-saving the tour, "Send to device" empowers you to effortlessly transmit any komoot Tour to your device and initiate navigation immediately. For a comprehensive understanding of this feature, delve into more details here.

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