When you open a Tour in the Route planner, you might see a message in the first few seconds that alerts you to any changes on the route. Since the environment is constantly changing, route changes, such as impassable roads or changed access restrictions are inevitable. This article describes the meaning of each notification such as "Tour is up to date", "Tour was updated" and "Tour could not be updated".

Tip: Learn more about komoot's dynamic route updates, when routes are updated, and how to view these updates on the map in this article.

Routing notifications


Find out further details on the meaning of the displayed message:

Tour is up to date.

Your route has been synced with the latest map data, and nothing has changed. In some cases, additional waypoints have been added to the route to make sure it still follows the originally planned ways. Learn more about the added waypoints.

Tour was updated.

Your route has been synced with the latest map data, and one or more small sections have been updated to reflect changes on the map, such as blocked or impassable roads or changed access restrictions. You can review these sections by comparing the red line (original route) with the blue line (updated route).


Tour could not be updated.

In rare cases, komoot may encounter technical challenges preventing the update of your route with the latest map data. This may be a weak internet connection or excessively long Tours. Consequently, the planner or navigation will display the route as originally planned, without any modifications.

To attempt the update again it is recommended to ensure a strong internet connection, preferably a stable WiFi connection. 

For longer Tours, consider saving them in multiple stages to enable potential route updates to be displayed in the Route planner. This way, you can maximize the chances of having the most recent route information at your disposal.

No message

If the route was planned recently, it is already based on the most up-to-date map data. In this case, no notification is displayed.

Why does my route have more waypoints?

To align your route with the most up-to-date map data and minimize alterations to the originally planned Tour, komoot may automatically add additional waypoints during the update process, ensuring the incorporation of changes resulting from map updates.

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