You can seamlessly send a route to your navigation devices, such as bike computers and smartwatches by using the "Send to Device" button in the komoot app or via the browser version. 

The "Send to device" feature allows directly transferring a komoot Tour with only a few clicks to a supported device (currently only Garmin devices, see table below). This feature is available from the Route planner, from planned and completed Tours or even from Smart Tours that you find in the Discover section.

Furthermore, it is possible to update a running Tour via the komoot app on your phone and share the navigation instructions on the go.

 Attention: Updating the Tour is currently only possible for supported Garmin watches and by using the komoot navigation interface, not by the Garmin native navigation. Find out which Garmin devices support the komoot navigation here.

How to connect my device?

Currently, this feature is only available for Garmin devices which are supported for the komoot app for Garmin. We are working hard to makes this feature available for other devices. Click on the device partner in the table below to learn how to transfer your Tour to the device. 

Note: Provided that your device is capable of importing GPX files, there is also the possibility of a manual transfer, regardless of whether the device is listed below or not. Find out how to do this here

Device partners "Send to Device" supported?
Apple Watch no
Bosch eBikes no
Bryton Rider no
Ciclo no
Cyclo Mio no
Flyer eBike no
Garmin yes
Hammerhead no
Huawei no
Lezyne no
Meilan no
Polar no
Samsung no
Sigma no
Specialized eBike no
Suunto no
TwoNav no
Wahoo ELEMNT no
Wear OS watches no
Yamaha eBike no

What are the requirements to send a Tour to Garmin?

This article explains all you need to know in order to send komoot Tours to Garmin and update them while navigating.

What's the advantage?

The "Send to Device" feature instantly sends a selected Tour to your connected device, downloads it and you are ready to go. With a Bluetooth- or profile connection Tours need to be saved to your profile and then synced with your device eg. via the partner app, so multiple steps are required to transfer your Tour. 

Bluetooth- or profile connection

Send to Device

Transfer is available only from the detail page of a planned Tour.

Transfer is available directly from the Route planner, planned and completed Tours and Smart-Tours from discover.

Transfers planned Tours saved in komoot.

Transfer a selected Tour.

The Tour has to be opened via the Tour list on the device and downloaded manually.

Open the new Tour through a pop-up on the device - accept and start it, the download is automatic.

Update a running Tour: Stop your running navigation, edit the Tour in the komoot app on your phone, save a new version in your planned Tours. Wait for the transfer to the device, find the new Tour in the list, download it and start the updated Tour as a new Tour. Update a running Tour: Update your running navigation by editing the Tour in the komoot app on your phone and use “Send to Device” to sync the changes.
Update a running Tour: You will have two recordings with this solution. Update a running Tour: You will have one single recording with this solution.

How do I transfer a Tour to my smartphone?

To access your Tours from the website in the komoot app on your phone, all you have to do is log in with the same email address on both the website and in the app. You can find instructions on how to do this in the following guide: Sync content between devices.

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