All smartwatch and bike computer that are supported for the komoot app for Garmin are able to receive routes directly from the Route planner, from planned and completed Tours or even from Smart Tours that you find in the Discover section. Opening the komoot app on the Garmin will automatically bring up the Tour and you can start it from there. Find out more about how "Send to Device" works here. If you prefer to start the Tour manually from within the komoot app on the Garmin, this article highlights the instructions. You also learn how to update a Tour on the Garmin device, in case you made a change in komoot. 

 Note: Tours can only be transferred to Garmin if the required komoot product is unlocked. This article explains how you can see which products you have unlocked.

Attention: In case your Garmin device doesn't support the komoot app for Garmin, refer to this article to lean how to transfer Tours.

Navigate komoot Tours on Garmin

After installing and connecting the komoot app on your Garmin, you will find the list of your planned komoot Tours in the komoot app on your device. You can navigate them as described here:

  1. Go to your planned Tours in the komoot app on the Garmin.
  2. Select the Tour you want to navigate.
  3. Depending on your device, click on Start Navigation or Start in the komoot App for Garmin.
  4. Activate the Offline switch.

For bike computer, following these will download the Tour to the Courses folder on the Garmin device and can then be navigated via the Garmin navigation. 

Some Garmin watches have the option to choose between the komoot and the Garmin interface for navigation. For supported Garmin watches that do not have a native Garmin navigation functionality, navigation will only be possible via the komoot app for Garmin by using the komoot navigation. 

 Note: Which navigation is available for your device is listed in the list of compatible devices.

Updating Tours

If you have changed a komoot Tour that has already been downloaded to your Garmin, these changes will not automatically appear in the Tour on the Garmin. If you open the Tour in your planned Tours on the Garmin, on most devices you will find an Updated button. 

 Note: If the Updated button does not appear on your Garmin device, close the komoot app for Garmin and open it again.

In case you want to update a running Tour, follow these instructions:

  1. Make the desired changes in the komoot app on your phone.
  2. Stop the recording of the current Tour on the Garmin.
  3. Sync/ update the komoot Tour to Garmin.
  4. Start the updated Tour as described above.

 Tip: If your Garmin watch supports the komoot navigation, it is possible to update a running navigation without leaving the Tours. This article explains how to.

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