If you have a compatible Garmin device, you will be able to use the komoot app for Garmin, which was developed specifically for Garmin smartwatches and bike computers. The komoot app for Garmin can be downloaded via the Garmin Connect IQ Store as described in this article. If you wonder which features are available by using the komoot app for Garmin, refer to this article: Features in the komoot app for Garmin.

Tip: Before the first use, your Garmin device must be connected to your smartphone via the Garmin Connect app, as described in the Garmin Support Center.  

Attention: In case your device doesn't support the komoot app for Garmin, this article explains how to transfer your Tours.

Installing the komoot app for Garmin

  1. Download the komoot app for Garmin to your Garmin device via the Garmin Connect IQ Store. You can find out how to do this in the Garmin Support Center
  2. Depending on which Garmin device you are using, open the komoot app for Garmin via the IQ-icon and select "Komoot" or find "Komoot" among the installed apps. 
  3. Enter the code you see on your Garmin device on this website www.komoot.com/connect. Attention: It is not possible to enter the code via the app.
  4. If you have not yet logged in to your komoot account on the website, log in with the same email address that you see in the komoot app on your phone under Profile () > Settings () > Profile Info. If you are already logged in, make sure that the email address on the website and in the komoot app on your phone are identical. 

Establish the connection

Should you not automatically be taken to the Garmin Connect login page after entering the Garmin code on the komoot website (see Installing the komoot app), go to More () >  Settings >  Connections > Connect with Garmin

  1. Log in with your Garmin Connect credentials, whereby you agree to the data transfer.
  2. Activate the Activities button if you want to synchronize your Tours from Garmin to komoot and/or Courses if you want to transfer your planned komoot Tours to your Garmin. Confirm your selection by hitting Save. Read more about this here.
  3. Accept the data transfer by clicking Agree.
  4. Finally, allow Garmin to access your komoot account by clicking Grant Access.

Now the connection is established.

Note: If your Garmin is equipped with WiFi, disable WiFi on the Garmin device, as it may interfere with the Bluetooth connection.

Attention: Only one komoot account can be connected to one Garmin account. After connecting, you can add different Garmin devices to your Garmin Connect account. This allows you to transfer komoot Tours to multiple Garmin devices.

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