At komoot you generally only need to sign up and log in once – from then merely open and close the app without ever logging out. The most common reason for a logout is to switch between two komoot accounts, when you notice that content or a purchase is not available on one of your devices. You can read more about this topic here: No access to unlocked products and Tours.

If a logout becomes necessary, consider the following:

  • Your uploaded content is safely stored on our servers, so you cannot lose any Tours or pictures once the upload is concluded, as long as you remember your login credentials. If you are not sure what your login credentials are, make sure to write down the user ID and the email address. Maybe even set a new password if you are unsure about what it was, before you log out. 

Tip: You find the user ID and email address in the app: Profile () > Settings () > Profile Information or in the account settings on the website.

  • If you log out during a running recording, without finishing and saving it first, the data will not be transferred to our servers correctly and is most likely lost.

Attention for iOS app users: Logging out removes all maps and Tours that were stored for offline use.

Log out of your komoot account

Follow these steps to log out of your komoot account:

  1. Click More () next to your username
  2. Choose  Log out
  1. Tap Profile ()
  2. Click Settings ()
  3. Click Log out

After logging out, you automatically return to the primary login screen, where you can enter an email address and a password or use the Apple- or Facebook login to enter the account again – or to switch to a different account.

Switch account

To change your komoot profile:

  1. Log out of your account as described above.
  2. This will automatically take you to the login page.
  3. Log in to the preferred email address and password, or use the Apple- or Facebook login as described in this article.
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