The surface type play a major role in Tour planning. Therefore, in addition to show the surface type information (asphalt, gravel, natural or e.g. unpaved surfaces), you also have the option of viewing pictures of the actual site and using these for your planning. By activating the Komoot Trail View, you will see photos of the trail taken by komoot users at the corresponding location on the map, indicated by a small green dot. This enables you to quickly see whether the route matches your expectations. 

Note: For now, the Trail View is only available via the website. 

Activation and usage

To use the Komoot Trail View, you must be logged in to your komoot account. By activating the Trail View, another map layer with small green dots becomes visible on the map. Behind these dots are trail images of the corresponding location. The green dots are selectable and can be used for planning (as start, end or waypoint). 

Note: The Trail View can be enabled on all map layers

To activate the Trail View, proceed as follows: 

  1. Open the Route planner or the desired Tour
  2. Click on the Maps icon in the lower left corner
  3. Activate Komoot Trail View


If you move the mouse over the green dot, a preview with the trail image is displayed. Clicking on the green dot opens a sidebar with all the photo details.


Photo details

Clicking on the green dot opens the respective trail image with a reference "Added by:" followed by the username of the creator. In addition, the Tour in which the picture was taken is linked behind the sport. Here, you also have the option to report irrelevant pictures.

Which photos are used?

Only pictures from public Tours qualify for the Trail View, provided that the user profile is also public. The pictures are shots of nature (without people or buildings) which preferably show the trail. It cannot be ruled out that objects (signposts, benches, etc.) are also shown in some pictures. Images from the starting point of the Tour or from Privacy Zones are generally excluded. In order to ensure that the map does not become cluttered, images that meet the above criteria undergo an automated scoring process that ultimately results in a limited number of pics being shown in a given area.

Note: Pics from highlights that are not also saved in a Tour are currently not taken into account.

How can I contribute to the Trail View?

For photos to qualify for Komoot Trail View, the following criteria must be met:

  • When capturing a trail, ensure that other than nature no people, animals, objects or buildings are visible.
  • The images must have GPS data.
  • The Tour in which the pictures are stored must be public. 
  • Your komoot profile must be public. 

Pictures that meet these criteria undergo an automated scoring process that ensures that only a limited number of pictures within a defined radius are displayed on the map. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed that pictures will automatically be displayed in the Komoot Trail View. The selected pics will be displayed on the map within 2-3 days.

Tip: Learn how to adjust the visibility of your Tour and profile

I do not want my pictures to be visible

Photos created in public Tours, in public profiles, are automatically included in the Trail View. If you do not want your photo to be displayed in Komoot Trail View, you can report the picture. We will make sure to remove the photo. 

Note: The information about which user took the picture, in which Tour, cannot be hidden. 

Tip: Learn how to adjust the visibility of your Tour and profile

Report pictures

To report irrelevant or unwanted images, open the picture details, click  Suggest an edit and select the appropriate option. We will receive your request and process it as soon as possible. 

"This image is no longer available"

When you click on the green dot, no picture is displayed but the message "This picture is no longer available". This can have the following reasons:

  • The creator of the picture has changed the privacy setting of the profile from public to private.
  • The Tour in which the picture was taken is no longer public.
  • The Tour in which the picture was taken has been deleted.
  • The image is now in the creator's Privacy Zone.
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