We received some reports about broken Tours, which cannot be edited by the users in certain ways. We don't know what causes this issue yet, but the users report the following problems:

  • They cannot see the waypoints in the waypoint list in the Tour overview, only the first and last waypoint (A+B).
  • They cannot remove or add waypoints.
  • Some users report waypoints not connected to the Tour.
  • The button in the Tour will always say "Saved" instead of giving the option "Save" after trying to edit the Tour.
  • The same Tours cannot be saved nor can a copy be created on the website.

If you experience some of the issues mentioned above it would be of great help if you could email us with the following information:

  • Which are the exact issues that you observe (feel free to send screenshots or videos)?
  • Which device and app version are you using when trying to edit a Tour?
  • Please send us the link to the affected Tour(s) and describe if this happens to all your Tours or only some of them. When did you create those Tours and have you edited them since then?


Please try opening the Tour via "Plan similar Tour" which will open a copy in the planner that you should be able to edit and then save as a new Tour. You can also try to open the Tour via "Edit" and then change the sport type of the Tour. You can then immediately change the sport type back to the original. You should then be able to edit the Tour.

We are very sorry for everyone who experiences these problems and we hope that we will find the reason for this issue soon.

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