We received some reports that users download offline maps from the "offline maps" section, but when they get to an area on their Tour where the internet connection is weak, the map might appear blank, grey or half loaded. We assume a problem with the way our map provider loads certain parts of the map and we are currently investigating this issue.

If you experience this, please contact us via email and if possible let us know the conditions of when it happened:

  • Which device and app version were you using?
  • How was the quality of your internet connection?
  • Did you have a GPS signal?
  • Did you pause the recording and resume it?
  • Did anything else occur, e.g., did you receive a call, used another app etc.?
  • For Android only: Please send us the path you see in the app, which indicates the location where the offline maps are saved. You find this path when going to your Profile > Settings > App settings > Offline maps > Offline maps directory.


You can prevent this from happening if you record in offline mode (flight mode).


We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope to soon fix this issue.

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