Many people use komoot in groups, so that multiple people record the same Tour and then they tag each other as participants in the Tour that they personally recorded. This leads to the same or very similar Tours being saved multiple times in someone's profile. It would be great to avoid duplicating Tours in this way and only save a single copy of a Tour in someone's profile. 


Each Tour gets handled as a separate entity on komoot, whether someone is tagged as a participant in the Tour or not. This is because there are always slight differences between Tours when they get recorded by different devices, even if two people are on the same trip together. Since these Tours are considered to be separate, they get listed as two Tours in each profile, which means they get counted twice in a user's statistics as well.


In the future, our aim will be to automatically detect when you recorded an activity at the same time and on the same route as another komoot user. Your activities will then become linked so that they can be displayed in the Discover feed as a grouped entity, but only your own activity will be saved to your profile. Currently, we don't have a timeline for implementing this improvement.


It's best to have one person responsible for recording a Tour on komoot in a group. That way, even if all other participants get tagged and added to the Tour on komoot, the Tour will only ever appear once in your profile. 

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