Personal Collections are a feature in our Premium product that allows you to add Tours to one Collection and view them all at the same time. All Personal Collections are visible in your profile. It would be great to be able to filter and sort these, so you can better control which Collections are most visible. 


Collections are currently listed in order of the creation date, so the most recent Collection is always displayed at the top. You can sort Highlights and Tours within a Collection of individual Tours, but the Collections themselves are always listed in the same order.


We deeply value our Premium features and are continuously working on making our Premium product more attractive to more people, so we're committed to making improvements to Personal Collections in the future. We also see the value a feature like this would provide for both – people who create Collections and for others who want to browse them. We haven't yet decided which types of improvements we'll make in the short-term though, and can't make any promises about when a feature like this might be worked on.

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