It would be great if Points of Interest or waypoints in a Tour were preserved in the GPX file when it gets downloaded from komoot. This would mean that when it's transferred to a GPS device, these waypoints can get listed by the device and during the navigation directly.


Waypoints in komoot are only used to adapt the Tour and define the route that you want to follow. They're not used as intermediate destinations. That's why the GPX file only contains a list of the coordinates that you need in order to follow the route that you've planned. 


This feature is in our improvement backlog. We might be able to work on it in conjunction with broader improvements to the GPX export feature but this depends largely on how technically complex it is to implement and whether it requires deeper changes to how waypoints are handled across all of komoot. We're always looking for ways to improve our product but have no concrete plans to implement this for now.

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