Komoot offers a number of map layers exclusively in the web planner on the website for logged in users: the Open Street Map, the Open Cycle Map, and a Satellite Map. It would be great to offer these on mobile as well, especially the satellite layer. 


The Satellite map was released in the app. Please make sure to update the app in case you can't see Satellite map yet.

  • Android app version 2022.33.3
  • iOS app version 2022.31.0 (7)


In case you don't have access to the Satellite map yet: Log into your account on the komoot website, plan your Tour there and save it. This way it would be automatically synced to your komoot app as well, so you can use it on your phone.

If you'd really prefer to plan on mobile:

  • As a Premium customer, you can access sports-specific maps which highlight trails that are suitable for hiking, cycling and mountainbiking. These don't completely replace the use of a satellite layer but can help. 
  • You could also open the komoot website in a mobile browser and plan there. Please note that planning in a mobile browser can be a little difficult, depending on your screen size, but the feature is also accessible there.

Tip: You can keep up to date with all recent komoot releases by checking out this page.

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