The planned and completed Tour list in the profile can get a little long after a while, so it'd be great to have a way to create folders to better organize Tours. These folders should be synced across all clients, so the sorting is preserved in both the app and the website. 


Currently, all Tours are automatically listed in the profile based on the date that they were saved. We do offer a number of filtering and sorting options on the website. These allow you to filter by location, date, sport, search by title, and sort by date, name, duration, distance and elevation. In the komoot app, however, these options are very limited. It's possible to search by name through all saved Tours only. 


We don't have concrete plans to develop a feature to add Tours to a folder as of now. As komoot continues to grow and we see more and more people saving huge numbers of Tours on komoot, it's likely that the need for a feature like this will also grow. This might be something that we're able to consider at some point in the future. 


One option that is open to everyone on komoot is to use a typical naming convention, such as the name of a location at the beginning of every Tour name, so it's easier to search through the Tours in your profile.

We also offer the possibility to create and save Personal Collections for Premium customers. Collections don't impact the way the Tours are listed in the profile but they are a great way to organize, cluster, and view specific Tours at one time.

Tip: You can keep up to date with all recent komoot releases by checking out this page.

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