Komoot has a thriving community of adventurers and explorers. It would be great to be able to message specifically people privately and directly, to engage with them, make new connections, and ask questions.


There's no possibility to reach out to a user on komoot privately.


We're constantly looking for ways to develop the community features at komoot and have huge plans for the future, to make it easier for everyone on komoot to interact with each other. The more progress we make here, the larger the need for a very robust moderation process, so that we can ensure komoot remains a welcoming place for all people.

Direct messaging is a huge feature, that would require very thorough planning and a complex process to implement. While we might start heading in that direction eventually, we're currently focused on making improvements to the community features in Tours and Collections. 


The best way to get in touch with someone on komoot now is to comment on one of their Tours or Collections, depending on the privacy settings they've selected for their profile and content. You can also mention someone using the @ symbol and their komoot username, this is explained more in detail here: Mention or tag users in comments

Tip: You can keep up to date with all recent komoot releases by checking out this page.

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