Komoot displays both the average speed and the maximum speed during navigation and recording. Since this information is captured during the recording already, it would be great to display the maximum speed in the completed Tour as well, so that every user can track what their maximum speed during a Tour was.


Komoot does display this information on both the Android and the iOS apps during navigation and recording but this data is not visible in the completed Tour after the Tour is saved. 


Our Product team is assessing the workload needed to add this kind of feature and will see if it's something that we're able to provide. We're always looking for opportunities to develop new features and simply have to prioritize our limited time amongst all the new features we want to build.


Completed Tours contain a speed profile, which is accessible only on the website. To see it, open the Tour on the website and scroll down. The speed profile might not display the maximum speed directly but you can hover your mouse over the different peaks to get a sense of your speed. 

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