A lot of komoot users often plan Tours starting or ending from the same place, such as their home address. It'd be very convenient to save these addresses, rather than have to search for them manually every time. 


Komoot currently allows you to save specific types of places, such as Highlights and Points of Interest, but it isn't possible to save an address that you manually search for. If you plan on your phone, komoot does display some of your most recently searched places. This gets overwritten over time but if you search for those addresses regularly, they'll also be displayed there. 


We're constantly developing improvements to the route planner and would love to add small features like this to it, since we recognize that they can make planning smoother and easier for more of our users. We don't have a timeline in mind, but it's definitely on our radar.


You have a couple of different options to try and do something similar:

  • You can find a Highlight or a Point of Interest that's close to the address you'd like to save and bookmark this instead. You'll then be able to use it whenever you plan a Tour.
  • If you're planning on the website, you can set that exact address as a start or end point and then bookmark the link to that page. Every time you want to plan a Tour starting from that address, you can open your bookmarked link and start from there. 
  • You could also save a planned Tour in your own profile with a start and end point at or close to that address, which you then use as a kind of template for when you're planning. Every time you plan a new Tour, you can open a copy of that Tour in the planner and then go from there. 

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