Whenever you add waypoints on komoot, they are assigned generic names. It'd be great to be able to rename waypoints and save those names during navigation, so you can keep track of and differentiate between waypoints while on the go. 


The majority of waypoints on komoot are simply numbered in the order that they're planned in. Sometimes, if you're planning on your phone, we are able to display the street name during planning but this name is also overwritten once the Tour is saved with a generic name. Waypoints are used exclusively as points along which to plan the Tour on komoot, so they get used only to determine the route. We haven't developed them as a way to provide information along the Tour yet. 


We have no plans to dramatically change how waypoints work on komoot right now. We are however always committed to providing as much information as possible via the Route planner, so it's possible that this is something we decide to work on in future. 


The best way to save at least some information in the planned Tour is to include Highlights and Points of Interest (POIs) throughout the Tour. If you add a Highlight or a POI as a waypoint in your Tour, the name will be kept even after you've saved the Tour. More information about planning with Points of Interest can be found here: Planning Tours using POIs (Points of Interest)

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