Komoot automatically fills in the location under Discover on the website, whenever this page is opened while logged in. It would be great to be able to manually choose and set a default location for the search instead.


Currently, this location is chosen automatically based on a number of technical factors, such as your IP address and what is provided by your internet provider. Komoot doesn't influence the selection in any way. We enter a default just to make it a little easier and more convenient to use the search. 


While we don't currently have concrete plans to change the way this selection works, we're continuously working on improving the Discover search options and are evaluating where the largest blockers are. We release improvements to the Discover interface on a regular basis and hope to eventually find a good way to make this selection more accurate for more people. 


You can simply overwrite the pre-filled location with the one that you'd like to search in. If you find yourself having to edit it regularly, you can always run one search for the most common sports type and location that you need and bookmark this link to use in future. Then next time you'd like to search in Discover, you can just open that link and have the correct search open without having to type in a new location. 

Tip: You can keep up to date with all recent komoot releases by checking out this page.

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