It would be great to see the places you've already been to in one spot, either by looking at a heatmap or at some kind of collective view of all personal completed Tours. This would make it easy to plan and explore new areas. 


Komoot currently displays one map in each user profile that contains a rough overview of all Tours on your profile. This map doesn't differentiate between completed and planned Tours. 


This is a great feature that is on our product backlog. It's in line with what we want to do at komoot, which is enable people to explore the outdoors and find their own adventures, wherever they may be. We don't have an estimated timeline for this, but we'd love to offer something similar to this in future. 


One of our Premium features offers a very similar functionality. You can create a personal Collection containing all completed Tours in a specific region or country. All Tours in that Collection are displayed at the top of the Collection in a map.

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