If you own Huawei Watch of the GT3 Series or newer or the new Watch GT Runner, you have the option to connect your Huawei account with your komoot account. With this integration you can navigate your komoot Tours on your Huawei Watch and sync activities from Huawei back to komoot.

Note: Tours can only be transferred to your Huawei if the region in which the Tour starts is unlocked in komoot. 

How to set up the connection

Before setting up the connection, you need a komoot as well as a Huawei account. Follow this steps to set up the connection:

  1. Log in to your Huawei Health app
  2. Click on "Me"
  3. Scroll down and select "Privacy Management"
  4. Select "Data sharing and authorization"
  5. Clicking on "Komoot" takes you to a screen explaining the data sharing
  6. Press "LINK"
  7. You’ll be directed to the komoot website where you need to enter your komoot account credentials and login to your account
  8. Allow Huawei access to your komoot account by clicking Grant Access

Now your Huawei activities, generated by the Huawei watch will be shared with komoot.

Attention: To ensure you are establishing the connection to the same komoot account, that you are using on the phone, please compare the used email address in your komoot profile settings in the app: Profile () > Settings () > Profile Information.  

Transfer a komoot Tour to the Huawei watch

After planning a komoot Tour or saving an already existing one to your profile, you can make it available for navigation on your Huawei watch:

  1. Open the Huawei Health app
  2. Click on "Me"
  3. Under the "Health data" menu choose "My route"
  4. Click "Import Route" > "komoot"
  5. Your komoot Tours, from the account you established the connection to, will be displayed
  6. Select the Tours you want to upload to the watch and click the check mark symbol (✓) on the upper right screen to confirm your selection
  7. Go back to "My route" where you will find the route you just imported

  8. Clicking on the route will open the Route details from where you can press the four dots in the top right corner and hit "Send to wearable"

The route will be uploaded to the watch.

Tip: This article explains how to pair your watch with your phone.

Navigating komoot Tours on the Huawei watch

Once you have uploaded the Tour to the watch:

  1. On the Huawei watch go to the menu by clicking the crown
  2. Open the Workout app on the watch
  3. Select the activity you want to do, for instance "Outdoor run"
  4. Click on Routes
  5. Choose one of the transferred Tours
  6. Press on "Next" to start the navigation

After completing a navigation your Tour will automatically sync to your Huawei profile and from there to your komoot profile. 

Note: The navigation instructions on the watch are done by Huawei.

Which activity do I need to select on the watch to transfer my komoot Tours? 

In order to start a komoot Tour on your Workout app on the Huawei watch, you will need to select the according activity. Here's an overview on how komoot sport types match Huawei activities.

Komoot Huawei
Hiking Hike

Mountain hike

Running Outdoor Run
Bike Touring



Outdoor Cycle

Mountain Biking
Road Cycling
Gravel Riding
Enduro Mountain Biking

Disconnecting komoot from Huawei devices

If you want to disconnect your komoot and Huawei account, follow these steps:

  1. In the Huawei Health app on your phone click on "Me"
  2. Select "Privacy Management"
  3. Select "Data sharing and authorization"
  4. Clicking on "Komoot" 
  5. Press "Unlink"
  6. Confirm to disconnect by hitting "Unlink".
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