• Your planned or completed Tours are no longer in your account?
  • You purchased regions (Single Region, Region Bundle or the World Pack) or komoot Premium, but have no access to it?
  • When downloading a Tour or starting a navigation you are asked to purchase a product, even though you have already done so?

Then you are logged in to a different account than the one you used to make the purchase. We do not remove purchases or content from accounts. We will be happy to help you find the right account.

This is how you can see which email address you are logged in with

  1. Click More ().
  2. Select  Settings.
  3. Under Account you will see the mail address and user ID you are currently logged in with on the website.
  1. Tap Profile ().
  2. Select Settings ().
  3. Under Profile Information you will see the mail address and user ID you are currently logged into.

Check this mail address for typos, wrong characters, missing or additional dots, incorrect provider (gmail.de, googlemail.com instead of gmail.com, ...). 

Switch account

If the mail address displayed in the app or on the website is not the same one you used while purchasing, or if you find a typo, you will need to switch to the correct account.

  1. Click More ().
  2. Choose  Log out.
  1. Tap Profile ().
  2. Click Settings ().
  3. Click Log out.

Now log in using the correct email address. How to log in to komoot, you can read here.

I see my content via the website but not in the app

You see your unlocked regions and Tours on our website, but you don't see the same content in the app? To get access to the same content, log in to the app with the email address you see on the website.

I see my content through the app but not on the website

To see the same content in the app as on the website, log in to the website with the email address you use in the app.

Note: From now on, the content is automatically synchronized between the app and the website. Tours you plan on the computer will be transferred to your phone/tablet, recorded Tours will be available in your account on the website. All your unlocked regions will be available on both devices.

Tip: You can also log in on multiple devices at the same time.

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