Did you connect your komoot account to your Garmin account following the instructions correctly but now you cannot see your planned Tours on your device? The most common reason for this to happen is that you connected your Garmin account to the wrong komoot account. 

To find out if this is the case open the komoot app on your Garmin and go to your planned Tours. If you see the message “You have no planned Tours on this komoot account”, click on the “Help” button below this message.

Your Garmin will then provide you with the email address of the komoot account your Garmin account is connected to. Please verify in your komoot app on the phone and/or your PC that you are logged in with this email address.

For further help you can click the “Help” button below your email address and the komoot app sends a notification to your phone with a help article for further information.

Please note: You need to allow notifications for the Garmin Connect app on your phone and your phone needs to be connected to your Garmin so you can receive the notification.


If you are still not sure if you are connected to the right account, disconnect and reconnect your accounts. You can read here how to disconnect: Disconnecting komoot from Garmin.

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