If you own a WearOS device, you can use the komoot WearOS app to record and navigate your Tours on your device. All devices with the operating system WearOS 2.0 and 3.0 are supported.

Setting up the connection

The navigation via the komoot app on a WearOS device requires that your phone is connected via bluetooth to your device at all times. To set up the connection follow the steps below:

  1. Download the komoot WearOS app from the Google Play Store to your device. 
  2. Turn on bluetooth on your phone as well as on the device.
  3. Open the WearOS app on your phone and pair it with your device.
  4. Follow the instructions by Google on how to pair. You can also read more about the pairing process here.

After pairing the phone and your device, your last 3 planned komoot Tours will be visible on the device under planned Tours and can be used for navigation.

Note: You need to be logged in to komoot on your phone in order to use the Wear OS app and that you need to have the region unlocked in which the Tour starts.

Navigating a Tour

You can access your planned Tours either via the komoot app or via the komoot tile on your device. Click on “Planned Tours”, pick the Tour you want to navigate and start the navigation. You will see turn-by-turn navigation instruction arrows on the display of your device as well as the same stats you can see on your phone during a navigation. 

You can pause, resume and finish the navigation on your phone as well as on your WearOS device. As soon as you finish a Tour using the “Finish” button, you need to save the Tour, which is only possible on the phone.

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