If you own a watch with the Wear OS operating system, you can navigate or record your komoot Tours with the komoot app specially developed for Wear OS watches. Watches running on Android version 8 or later, and equipped with the operating system Wear OS 2 or newer, are supported. 

Note: Find out which Android version your watch is running on by checking the manufacturer's specifications. If the komoot app can't be downloaded from the Play Store we can't guarantee it's compatible.

Establishing the connection

Navigation via the komoot app on your Wear OS watch is only possible if your smartphone is permanently connected to your watch via Bluetooth during the Tour. Read here how to set up the connection for the first time.

Note: Depending on the watch manufacturer, different apps can be used to establish the connection. For example: Wear OS, Wearable (Samsung), etc...

Once you have established the connection between your smartphone and watch:

  1. Open the Play Store on the watch
  2. Search for komoot
  3. Install komoot on the watch
  4. Turn on bluetooth on your phone as well as on the device
  5. Log in to the same account as on the smartphone (Profile () > Settings () > Profile Information

If you already have the komoot app on your smartphone, you can also use the Apps on my smartphone function, which you find in the main menu on your watch and install komoot on your watch from there. 

Note: To be able to use the connection, you must always be logged in to komoot on your smartphone. In addition, the region in which your Tour starts must be unlocked. 

Navigate Tour

You can access your planned Tours either via the komoot app on your watch or your smartphone. This is how you start a navigation via the watch:

  1. Open the komoot app on your watch
  2. Click on Planned Tours
  3. Select the Tour you want to navigate
  4. Start the navigation

Navigation instructions in the form of arrows are then displayed on the watch. You will also find the basic navigation data that you see on your smartphone. 

You can pause, continue and end navigation both on your smartphone and on your watch. Once you have finished a Tour, you still have to save it, which is currently only possible on the smartphone.

Attention: By default, the last 10 Tours are displayed on the watch. If you want to navigate an older Tour, start it from your smartphone.

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