If you want to record a Tour without prior planning, select Record () from the menu. While recording a Tour komoot displays your position on the map and you will find Tour data on top of the screen. A red line is drawn along the route you’ve taken.

Note: If you want to record in a remote area without an internet connection or do not want to use up mobile data, you need to unlock the relevant region(s) in your account and download it for offline use.


  1. Click on Record () in the menu bar
  2. Start the recording by clicking Record a Tour

You see your position along with a red line drawn for the route you’ve taken. In the upper screen section you will see your current speed, the average speed, the time in motion and the traveled distance. Swiping to the right will show your max. speed, current altitude, ascent and descent.

Recording features


Change orientation

By clicking on the map orientation icon () you can align the map according to your line of sight or compass direction to determine your position. Read more about this feature here.

Zoom in and out

You can zoom in and out of the map by using the plus and minus icons. While zooming the scale is displayed on the top left corner.

Create Highlight or Report a routing issue

Tapping the thumbs up and thumbs down icon () will give you the option to create highlights or report a routing issue

Take pictures

Pictures taken with the in-app camera () will be chronologically displayed in your completed Tour if you upload them. In case you want to add a comment to the picture, you can do so before saving it.

Pause and Finish Navigation

Pause: Through the GPS signal, komoot knows when you take a break. If you stop for a few seconds, the recording will be paused automatically. It will continue when komoot recognize that you are moving again. You can also pause the Tour manually by tapping and holding STOP. 

Finish Navigation: After you are done with your Tour, you can save it. To do so tap and hold STOP > Finish and Save.

For Premium users

Komoot Premium Sport specific maps: Use the layer icon() to switch between different sport specific maps such as the Hiking map, Cycling map or Mountain biking map.

Live Tracking: Activate Live Tracking () to allow others to follow your location as you record your Tour. Read more about it here.

What's next?

You get the option to change the sports type, tag friends you experienced the Tour with, add photos, recommend or create highlights. Once you've saved your Tour, you will also see an overview of your Tour profile. You can always access and edit it later again via your Profile () > Completed Tours as well as from the website by clicking on your username > Completed Tours. 

 Tip: You want to record a Tour by using an external device? Check out our resources about Devices & Integrations.

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