You don't know yet where to go for your next adventure and want to get inspired? Then the Discover section is for you. Here's where you can find guides for the world's best outdoor adventures, customized Tours in your area, search for activities in a specific region and find Tours from other users you follow. Learn how to use the Discover feed.


You want to plan your own Tour? Our Route Planner is the perfect tool to help you. Komoot generates a route based on the selected sports type and your chosen start and end points. Simply customize each route to include whatever you want to see along the way, and view surface and way type readings to ensure you always know what’s coming — wherever your adventure takes you.

Learn how to plan Tours using our Route Planner on the website or find out how to plan Tours with the Android or iOS-App.


You can either navigate visually via the map view and/or use the voice navigation — without ever being distracted from your surroundings. As the great outdoors usually doesn't come with a strong internet connection, you can make the navigation available offline. All you need is a GPS signal. Download individual routes or entire maps for offline use and stay on course when coverage falls short.

Learn how to navigate with the Android or iOS-App.


You want to set off on an adventure without prior planning and still know where you were on the way? When you record, you get information about your average speed, the covered distance and the time in motion during your Tour. You can orientate with the map and take pictures, which will get saved in your Tour profile. 

Learn how to record a Tour on the Android or iOS-App.

Sharing your experience

Shared experiences are the most beautiful. Invite your friends to Tours or share the nicest places you came along with the community. Learn how to share your experience.

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