With just a few clicks, you can embed individual komoot Routes or overview maps for entire Collections, Highlight locations or your profile map on your website - simply, flexibly and interactively.

HERE you can try out in the live demo how the respective embed looks visually and what it shows. You can also find all the steps for embedding and frequently asked questions on the embed page.

Can anyone see komoot embeds?

Your website visitors do not have to be komoot users to view the content, not even if they click through to komoot and land on your profile. They only have to register - for free - if they want to save the Route/Collection or navigate it with komoot.

Embedding Tour from others

In theory, you can also embed content from other komoot profiles but we recommend you to safe any content you want to share to your own komoot profile, because otherwise you have no authority over the content changing or even disappearing.


The komoot route planner cannot be embedded into other applications and websites.

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