Are you organizing a sports event for running, hiking, MTB or cycling? Komoot offers a wonderful platform for your event Routes, Highlights and Collections. Your event profile offers a way to share the event Route(s) with your participants in advance, enable them to navigate the Route(s) and then share their experiences with the community.

komoot event profile

Partner profiles for events are the ideal place for your event Routes and Collections. With a partner profile you get access to all komoot Premium features, including Collections that you can share with your participants and community. You also have the option to create a custom URL with the name of your event.

Request your komoot partner profile via - Your request will be reviewed and processed by a team member. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

komoot Academy

We recommend that all partners attend the online komoot Academy so that you can learn how to use komoot optimally, plan routes, create collections and use other tools for your purposes in the shortest possible time.

Event Routes & Collections

Your komoot partner profile is the place where you can plan routes, upload tours, create highlights and publish collections. here are some examples of different collections for different event formats, which of course applies to all komoot sports.

Highlight Collection: Dead Ends & Cake
Multi-day route: Silk Road Mountain Race
Multiple routes: Bohemian Border Bash
Participant Collections: #RideToTheStart Challenge

Thanks to the komoot Academy guides, you will become an expert in route building and ensure that your content is always presented in the best possible way.

komoot Print Maps

Komoot Routes and Collections can also be exported in print quality to provide maps, flyers, posters with the Route(s) including QR codes for scanning or the altitude profile on the start bib or as top tube stickers. On request, partners receive access to our print tools with which you can create simple high-resolution png files for further processing in your own design.

komoot voucher codes

To ensure that your participants stay on track, we will provide you with vouchers for the offline maps of the region or Premium for the event period on request. This way, your participants are covered even without internet and enjoy seamless synchronization with Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto and other GPS devices. *You will only receive the form for codes after you have agreed to a partnership and a partner profile has been created by us.

komoot Embeds

Embed your komoot content as an iFrame on your website so that your participants have the best overview.

The current media kit, including logos and instructions for use, can be found here.


Request your komoot partner profile now via Your request will be reviewed and processed by a team member. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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