If you use one of the following Suunto watches, you can connect your Suunto account with your komoot account to navigate your komoot Tours on your watch.

  • Suunto 5
  • Suunto 9 (Peak, Peak Pro, Baro)
  • Suunto Ambit 3
  • Suunto Spartan
  • Suunto Traverse
  • Suunto Vertical
  • Suunto Race

Since the Suunto 7 uses the Wear OS operating system, you can only use komoot with the app specifically developed for Wear OS watches. This article describes how to establish the connection for the Suunto 7.

Setting up the connection

First of all you need a Suunto account and a komoot account. Please follow the instructions below on how to connect you accounts:

  1. Open the Suunto app, go to your profile and choose “Partner Services” 
  2. Select Komoot and then “Connect with Komoot”
  3. You will be prompted to the komoot login page to enter your komoot credentials and to authorise Suunto to connect with your Komoot account. 

All your planned komoot Tours will be synced automatically to your Suunto Account in the app.

Navigating a komoot Tour on your Suunto Watch

In order to make the navigation of a komoot Tour on your Suunto Watch possible, you need to save the Tour under your planned komoot Tours, so it will be synced to your Suunto app. In the Suunto app go to your routes and select the one you want to transfer to your Watch. After completing the Tour on your Suunto Watch it will be automatically synced back to komoot as soon as it appears in the Suunto app on your account.

Note: Please be aware that you need the region where your Tour starts activated in your komoot account in order to be able to navigate the Tour on your watch.

Navigation instructions

During the Tour you will see a navigation screen that shows the route as a Tour line. Each turn on the Tour will be shown as a way point. Before each turn you will get an alert so you will be able to focus on your environment instead of the Route. The Tour line and navigation with the turn by turn instructions is available for the Spartan family as well as Suunto 5, Suunto 7 and Suunto 9. There is no navigation available for the Ambits family.

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