If you own a Hammerhead Karoo 2 device, you have the possibility to connect your Hammerhead account to your komoot account and navigate your komoot Tours on the Karoo 2 device.

Setting up the connection

In order to use your komoot Tours on your Karoo 2 you need a Hammerhead account which you can then connect to your komoot account.

To set up the connection follow the steps below:

  • Log in with your account on the Hammerhead website and select "Settings" on the sidebar menu
  • Click “Linked Accounts” and then "Connect with komoot"
  • You will be prompted to the komoot login page where you need to enter your komoot account login details and confirm the permission to connect. Your accounts are now connected. 

Navigating a Tour on your Karoo 2 device

After setting up the connection the last 50 Tours you planned on komoot automatically sync to your Karoo 2. You can then open the Tour you want to navigate on your device and click start. After finishing the route, the completed Tour will be synced back to your Hammerhead account and then be transferred to your komoot account. This happens as soon as you connect your device with your internet network again.

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