When you open the discover section of our app you will find the feed, which includes Tours of your friends and editorial content from komoot, and at the top of the page the location specific search. The Tour suggestions that we make in the latter Discover search function are exclusively komoot Smart Tours. These are automatically generated by our system, not Tours that have been recorded with komoot by individual users. You can read more about how we create Smart Tours here: Komoot Smart Tours

Your Tour is not available in the Discover Tour Search

Tours that are recorded by individual komoot users don’t appear via the Tour search. The Discover search at komoot is there to generate and share inspirational content on komoot. The suggestions there are of Tours that have been done by thousands of people or of Highlights that are highly recommended. 

Getting featured in the Discover feed

In the Discover feed our system automatically picks a select handful of Tours that were recorded directly by komoot users in the region, as potentially inspirational content for you. These Tours are randomly chosen. To increase the chances of one of your public Tours appearing there for other users, you should add a profile picture and ensure that your profile is searchable (read more about your privacy settings here). If these two conditions are not fulfilled, the algorithm will exclude your account from this selection.

The Tours here are chosen based on their duration, how recently they were done, how many pictures were added, how many comments were left by others, whether the title was automatically generated by our system or edited by the owner. These values differ based on the sports type.

To be picked for such a listing we recommend continuing to use komoot and contributing to the platform by recording Tours, creating Highlights, uploading pictures and interacting with other users. It is possible that you meet all the criteria without your Tours being featured for some time. This is because they’re randomly chosen by our system, not because your Tours are not awesome. 

Sharing public content with other users

Highlights you create on the map are visible to everyone who uses komoot for planning in that region. More information about Highlights getting displayed on the map can be found here. 

When they see your Highlights and love them, they will go to your profile to see which Tours you did to discover those places or who the person behind the beautiful pictures and helpful comments is. The higher the quality of your content, the more others will want to interact with it. 

They might eventually start following you, to be notified about all Tours that you make public, giving you comments and likes, which again increases your chances to be featured in the feed.

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