When you search for Tours in Discover or scroll through your Discover feed, you will come across Tour recommendations made by komoot. These are called Smart Tours. You can easily identify Smart Tours on our website, as they contain the disclaimer: “Our Tour recommendations are based on thousands of activities completed by other people on komoot.”

Generating Smart Tours

Smart Tours are generated by an algorithm. They are based on a combination of popular Highlights, with many comments and positive ratings, and anonymised data from hundreds of completed Tours that were recorded by komoot users in the area. Once we can identify that a trail is often visited and is popular, a Smart Tour is generated across that path. 

Smart Tours are continuously getting improved, as more and more users record content in those areas. They automatically get updated when the underlying mapping data is changed. 

Potential issues with Smart Tours

As this is an automated process that is based on user generated content, there is always some small margin of error. These are some of the issues that come up and how to resolve them. 

Errors in the mapping data

If a path is used in a Smart Tour that no longer exists or is no longer accessible, the best way to correct this would be to edit the map data directly. This will ensure that it gets updated everywhere across the app in the future. 

Spelling mistakes in the title

If you find a spelling mistake in the title of a Smart Tour, this is most likely due to a spelling mistake in the Highlight that was used to generate the name. In this case, please find the Highlight linked in the Tour and help us improve our content by notifying our editors about it. Here is how it works: Request an edit of a Highlight 

Missing information

If you find that temperature, weather conditions, local restrictions or opening hours might make a difference for the proposed Tour, please check the comments in the Highlights. 

Whatever information you find while preparing for the Tour that is not yet included in the comments in the Highlight, please confirm it and add it, so the community can profit from your experience and we can keep improving our content for everyone.

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