You can install the komoot app on several different external GPS devices, smart watches and e-bikes. You can use these to either transfer your planned Tours to the device or to transfer recorded Tours to komoot. Depending on the integration you choose, you can access a variety of komoot features. 

The best overview of devices that are currently supported can be found here:

You can also refer to this section for help documentation about these integrations

New integrations

If your device is not listed on any of those pages, we do not currently support it. In this case, you can always use our GPX import and export to transfer files to and from komoot. 

We’re continuously working on expanding the integrations we offer. Feel free to refer to our release notes, in order to keep up to date with new integrations. Please bear in mind that some integrations might be in progress and we are not able to provide further information about the status of their development.

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