You have the option to connect your Bryton Rider via the Bryton Active app with komoot and navigate your komoot Tours on your Bryton device.

Before setting up the connection please download the Bryton Active app and connect it to your Bryton Rider. The Bluetooth connection needs to be active.

  1. In the Bryton app go to Courses > activate the komoot sync > authorize the connection
  2. Log in to your komoot account > allow the access
  3. Your Tours will appear under “Courses” > My Routes
  4. Open the course you want to navigate and click on the small telephone symbol on the upper right corner to send it to your Bryton Rider device
  5. Choose the route on your device and start the navigation

After the ride your Tours will be synced back to the Bryton Active app but they will not automatically appear in komoot. You need to manually transfer them to komoot as a gpx file. 

Please be aware that you need to have the komoot region unlocked where your Tour starts in order to navigate it on your device.


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