Copyright & conditions for using komoot maps

Each publication must contain the reference "Maplibre | © komoot | Map data © OpenStreetMap Contributors" at least once - preferably within/at the edge of the visible map material. 

Each publication (flyer, book, poster, magazine, etc.) contains a one-time reference to komoot at least by means of the logo and each tour, map overview or tour description contains the link to the corresponding komoot content in the same font size as the corresponding description or the reference to the corresponding komoot profile.


You are free to simply use screenshots if the quality is sufficient for you. The same copyright must also be added in this case.

Printable maps via

Komoot routes can also be printed in high-resolution quality by a third-party provider for a fee. Whether you want to print overview maps, brochures or routes in magazines, you can connect your komoot profile directly via our partner

Printable maps via komoot web tool

Komoot partners also receive access to a free internal tool on request, with which simple maps can be created in high-resolution quality as png for further processing and your own print designs.

Komoot QR Codes

You can generate a QR code from any planned komoot Route. Simply go to the tour and click on "Share", then you will already see the QR code. Click on the QR code and you will get a variant including the komoot logo, which you can download and use.

Important for all print maps and correspondingly linked routes: Please make sure that any linked tours are always accessible and are not deleted by the creator, for example.

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