The Live Tracking function in komoot Premium allows you to share your real-time location as you record a Tour. This way your safety contacts can always see your real-time location on the map, your phone’s current battery level and your expected finish time. 

For more information about managing your safety contacts, please refer to: Managing your safety contacts

Enabling Live Tracking

  1. When you start recording a Tour or start the navigation of a planned Tour, you will see a small circle next to the camera symbol, which is the Live Tracking symbol. 
  2. Click on it to activate Live Tracking for all contacts in your safety contact list. 
  3. You can also copy or share the link with people that are not using komoot. 
  4. When Live Tracking is activated, the Live Tracking symbol is blue. 
  5. To deactivate Live Tracking, click the Live Tracking symbol again.

Please be aware that you need to have an active internet connection for the location to be sent out to your safety contacts.

How long does Live Tracking remain active?

The link to your live location is visible for the duration of your Tour. When you end your Tour, Live Tracking will be deactivated automatically. The link to your location expires after 28 days. Until then, everyone who has the link can see your Tour up to the point when you finish. After the link has expired we automatically delete all stored data associated with the session.

Live Tracking within a privacy zone

Your live location will also be visible when you are inside a privacy zone.

Impact on battery

Although the amount of battery used differs depending on your device, Live Tracking only increases the drain on your battery by around 1.5% per hour (compared with regular komoot usage). The biggest battery drain is always your display. Please refer to this article for more tips on conserving your battery: Saving battery life

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