If you own one of the following Polar watches, you have the possibility to transfer your komoot Tours to the watch and navigate directly on the watch.

  • Polar Grit X

  • Polar Grit X Pro

  • Polar Pacer Pro
  • Polar Vantage V2

  • Polar Vantage V3

For this to work, you need a komoot and a Polar Flow account. This article explains how to connect the accounts, transfer Tours and how to start them. 

Setting up the connection

In order to connect your accounts, go to the Polar Flow website and click on the profile icon on the top right. There choose Settings > Partners > Komoot > Connect. There you click on “connect” next to the komoot icon. You will then be prompted to the komoot website where you will be asked to log in with your komoot account if you are not logged in currently and confirm the connection. 

You can also establish the connection in the Polar Flow app by navigating to More > General Settings and then toggle the komoot activation button. After you established the connection between the two accounts, all your planned Tours will be transferred from komoot to your Polar Flow account and will appear under your favorites. Please be aware that you need to have the region where your Tours starts unlocked on komoot. 

Transferring the Tours between Polar and komoot

As soon as the Tours appear in the Polar Flow App you will need to send the Tours manually from your Polar Flow account to your Polar Watch.

On the Polar website click on favorites and tick mark the Tours your want to transfer to the watch. This way you will move them to the sync list for your Watch. Then you click on the sync symbol. In the Polar Flow app go to the menu and to the device page. Scroll down the page and then add your favourites. You can see some screenshots about how the connection looks like on the Polar's website

After finishing a Tour it will automatically be transferred back to komoot and appear under your completed Tours in your profile. 

Starting a komoot route on the Polar watch

In order to start a Tour on your watch, go to the menu, choose “Routes” and pick the komoot route you want to start. Then you can choose the starting point of the Tour, which does not have to be the beginning but can for example be a point in the middle of the route. Then you start the navigation on the watch.

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