The komoot app for Samsung watches will allow you to navigate planned routes on komoot through your watch, and to record Tours that can then be upload to your komoot profile. For more information about the features available and how to use the app, please refer to using komoot on Samsung watches. For an overview of the watches we support, please refer to this article: Samsung watches compatible with komoot

Attention: The Galaxy Watch 4, 5 and 6 run with Wear OS. This article explains how to connect and navigate tours for this watch: komoot app for Wear OS devices

Installing the komoot app

When you first buy your Samsung watch, you need to activate it. It can be paired with an Android device, an iPhone or, if it has a SIM card slot, be activated as an LTE watch by itself. More information on how to do this can be found in Samsung’s help documentation.

Once your watch is activated, you can download the komoot app for Samsung devices by opening  this link on your phone. You can also download the app directly on the watch, by opening the main menu and selecting the Galaxy Store. 

When the app is downloaded, you will get prompted to log in with a code. 

  • Open the komoot website on a browser.
  • Log into your profile.
  • Type in the URL field in your browser.
  • Enter the code that is displayed on your watch. 

You should now be connected. 

Troubleshooting the installation

If you are unable to install the komoot app on your Samsung watch, this can be down to three reasons.

  1. Please confirm that your watch is supported: Samsung devices compatible with komoot
  2. Please install the newest Tizen OS software on your watch. You can do this by connecting the watch to your phone and opening the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. If there is an update available, there will be an automatic pop-up letting you know. 
  3. If you had installed the komoot app on your Samsung watch before April 2020, please make sure you delete the app completely and install it from scratch. The old version of the app is no longer supported. 

If none of the above helps, please contact our support team with the following information:

  • Which watch you’re trying to install komoot on.
  • What version of the Tizen OS software you have installed.
  • The error message that you get during the installation.
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