You can set privacy zones on komoot. You can use these to hide private locations, like your home or your work address, so you can share your Tours without worrying about your privacy. You can only manage your privacy zones on our website, not in the mobile apps.

Segments of a Tour that start or end within a privacy zone will remain hidden – only you will be able to see them. However, the privacy zone will not be applied if you pass that location along a Tour.  Privacy zones do not impact the Tour data or your statistics. 

Creating a privacy zone

To create a privacy zone, log into your account on our website, and open your profile settings by clicking on the three dots at the top right. Then select “Settings,” scroll down to the “Privacy” section, and click on “Manage privacy zones.” 

Select “Create new privacy zone” and enter the address that you'd like to hide into the grey search bar. When the correct place is selected on the map, give the created privacy zone a personal name at the top of the pop up window and save the Privacy Zone under that name. You can create as many privacy zones as you like. Please bear in mind that they only affect completed Tours, not your planned Tours. 

Privacy zones are applied retroactively to all completed Tours. For example,if you have Tours from last year that start in a location covered by the privacy zone, the starting points of those Tours  will automatically be moved outside the privacy zone. 

Editing a privacy zone

Once you have created a privacy zone, you can rename it or regenerate it. The shape of the privacy zone is generated automatically and cannot be changed manually. It is a randomly generated polygon in order to make it harder to identify the location, even if you publish many Tours which start or end there. 

If you would like to change the shape for any reason, you can choose to regenerate it. Once the zone is regenerated, it will be updated in all previously completed Tours (as well as future completed Tours) automatically. 

Deleting a privacy zone

You can also delete a privacy zone. Deleting a privacy zone will mean that the location is visible in all previously edited Tours. 

Sharing Tours with a privacy zone

If you tag or invite other komoot users as participants in your Tour, they’ll be able to see the full Tour data, including the starting and/or ending point, irrespective of whether that location is covered by a privacy zone or not. 

If you share the Tour either via the link or by changing its settings to make it accessible to all or some of your followers, they will only see the Tour with the truncated starting and/or ending point.

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