If your Garmin device does not have the technical requirements to install the Garmin komoot app on it, you have the possibility to use the Komoot Courses Sync integration. With this integration komoot Tours you save as planned Tours on your profile will be available in your Garmin Connect App on your phone. You can send them from there to your device. For which devices this connection is available you can see in this table “Garmin Connect & Courses compatible devices”.

Setting up Komoot Courses Sync

To set up the Komoot Courses Sync integration you need to log in with your komoot account on our webpage and go to the settings section (click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose “settings”). Please make sure you have connected your Garmin account. When you then scroll down to the connections area, you will find the possibility to activate Komoot Courses. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “Sync Courses”
  2. An overlay will appear where you have to enter your Garmin login credentials
  3. In the next step you will be informed which information is shared between komoot your Garmin. The switch “Courses” for the Courses integration will be enabled automatically. Click on “save”.
  4. Then you will be asked to give permission to share data between komoot and your Garmin device. Click “agree” and the integration is set up and will appear in the connections sections of your komoot profile.

Setting up this connection will make your Tours appear in your Garmin Connect app. You still need to send them manually to your Garmin device by clicking on “send to device” in the Garmin Connect app. 

If you want to deactivate Komoot Courses Sync again, you can click on “Deactivate” in your profile settings in the connections area.

Transferring Tours via Komoot Courses Sync

After setting up the connection via Komoot Courses Sync, the last 50 Tours by editing date will be automatically transferred from komoot to your Garmin Connect app. You need to have access to the maps of the region your Tour will start in. Whenever there is a new route saved to komoot or an existing route is edited and saved the route will be pushed to the Garmin Connect app. This is a one way connection only, which means that no completed routes will be transferred back to komoot. This connection is available for all sport types.

Transfer with WiFi-enabled devices

With a WiFi-enabled watch or device you can transfer Tours without a Bluetooth connection when connected to WiFi. You still have to send the Tours manually from Garmin Connect to your device by clicking on “Send to device” in the Gamin Connect app. If there is no WiFi connection available, you can also transfer Tours the regular way via a bluetooth connection between your phone and your device.

With a WiFi-enabled device you can also transfer your Tours via Garmin Express from your computer. You need to install Garmin Express on your PC and synchronize your Tours from komoot. You will then find the same "Send to device" button on the web.

Transferring completed Tours to komoot

The Komoot Courses sync integration is a one way connection only. This means that you can send planned Tours from komoot to your Garmin, but those Tours will not automatically be uploaded to komoot after you complete them. Your Tours will appear in the Garmin Connect app only.

What you can do in order to transfer you completed Tours back to komoot is to connect your komoot and your Garmin account. How to do this you can read in the article “Connecting via the Garmin Connect IQ App” under the section “Setting up the connection”.

Using Komoot Courses Sync in addition to the Garmin komoot app

If your device is able to connect via the Garmin Connect app we recommend using this connection as it is described in the article “Connecting via the Garmin Connect IQ App”. The Komoot Courses Sync integration can, however, be used in addition to the Garmin komoot app, if you want to synchronize your last 50 Tours from your komoot account to the Garmin Connect app.

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